Multi-stakeholder collaborations in the life sciences that deliver.

Helping make your ideas for step changes concrete.

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Here is how we can we help you with your multi-stakeholder collaborations.

Meaningful patient involvement

Innovative approaches such as discussion games and direct involvement of patients in project teams.

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Collaboration formation

More than just another high level discussion – workshops, project plans, and grant funding proposals that emphasize concrete action.

Efficient, integrated, and impactful multi-stakeholder collaborations

We help prevent the development of ‘consortium fatigue’ and help you build ‘consortium enthusiasm’.

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Business plans and strategy

We help professional societies, non-profits, and  research consortia develop new business models or transform existing ones. Through the eTRIKS network we can also help you preserve your data.

 Our Synergy Think Tank approach

Collaboration canvasWe focus on finding synergies between different perspectives. The standard approach is to focus on differences and then see if a compromise can be reached. Compromise is unsatisfying and often means you end up with lose/lose or win/lose.

Our program managers and business developers gather input from individuals and then bring them together in a structured and facilitated discussion. We use a variety of tools such as a ‘collaboration canvas’ which is derived from the well known business model canvas. This helps assure the identification of win/win solutions and concrete actions to implement them.

For meaningful patient involvement we use a discussion game to facilitate the process of bringing more disparate perspectives together. For working groups a process of continual communication is employed with an emphasis on using group genius to resolve issues that are hindering progress.

We would love to hear about your ideas for multi-stakeholder collaborations in the life sciences – contact us today.

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